Recommendations for Romance Novels from Feminist Romance Authors and Critics

I wrote a post at The Atlantic‘s Sexes blog today about the intersection of the romance genre and feminism. I asked everyone I interviewed what they would recommend for a feminist coming to romance for the first time. I did not have the space to include those titles in The Atlantic piece so here they are now:

Olivia Waite:

Cecilia Grant:

Sarah MacLean

Ruthie Knox

Jackie Horne

Anna Cowan

Victoria Dahl

  • Courtney Milan for feminist historicals.”
  • “And Zoe Archer, who writes adventure historicals with kick-ass heroines.”

I also keep a list of my favorite romance novels (I can’t for *sure* but probably they can all be categorized as “feminist”). It also needs to be updated.


4 thoughts on “Recommendations for Romance Novels from Feminist Romance Authors and Critics

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  2. I’m so glad Jackie mentioned Andrews and Brook! I do think the paranormal genre gets left out of this discussion a lot, in spite of the ubiquitous “kick-ass heroine.” I’m not sure if it’s because the paranormal types aren’t as interested in this critical discussion as certain contemporary and historical authors, or for some other reason. Thanks for furthering this important discussion!

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