Happily Going Down

For background, see this post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the kernel for this project came out of my own experience reading romance novels (which are incredibly heteronormative), the requirements to be on the list are much broader. It just has to be a scene in a novel and one in which someone (anyone) happily, excitedly goes down on anyone who isn’t a cis man. This project gives people a (long list) of places to go where they can read positive scenes of oral sex that don’t involve a cis man getting head. And for those who need it, here is a definition of “cis.”

The list is for science.

And quick reference.

Scenes from novels where someone happily goes down (in alphabetical order by author):

A – D:

E – N:

O – Z:

If you have a scene to add to the list, send me the title, the author, and the page number: scatx [at] scatx [dot] com.

I expect this list to just get longer and longer and longer.

Fun! Eat It Up and Lay Wit It: Hip Hop, Cunnilingus and Morality in Entertainment (via Blue Milk)


6 thoughts on “Happily Going Down

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  2. Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz had cunnilingus scenes in several of her books from the 90s, possibly all of them. I’m less sure about the newer ones, but I remember Ravished and Reckless for sure.

  3. NICE. Also Sarah MacLean’s “One Good Earl Deserves a Lover,” but I can’t recall the page numbers and I already returned it to the library. ❤

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